Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Light in Dark Places

Not so long ago I wrote about the heavens declaring the glory of God after viewing the starry night sky in Northern Ontario. The memory of that sight still lingers, an inspiration and a reminder of His presence in my life. This past Sunday during our worship service it occurred to me that not only do the heavens declare His glory. Because He dwells in the hearts of those who belong to Him, we carry that glory within us.

There is a scene in Lord of the Rings, a favourite movie of mine, where Galadriel gives a gift to Frodo, the ring-bearer. She hands him a crystal vial and tells him that contained within it is the light of the elves’ most beloved star. She expresses her hope that it will be a light to him in dark places. Indeed it proves to be just that when, later in the movie, Frodo finds himself alone in the dark facing a dreadful foe. At the last minute he remembers the gift and holds it high. The light flares to life in all its glory, pushing back the darkness and causing Frodo’s assailant to shrink away.

I am like that crystal vial, a vessel that contains the light of God’s glory. That light is meant to be displayed to the world just as the starry skies display His glory for all to see. It is meant to be a light to others in the dark places of the world. Am I transparent enough for others to see His hand at work in my life? Do I glow with the kind of peace and joy and strength that comes from knowing that He loves me? When others look at me, do they find their hearts inspired to worship the God who is the source of all that is good in me? I’d like to be as radiant as the stars adorning the night sky but all too often I think His glory in me is obscured, hidden by the hurts or fears or sorrows that remain undealt with in my life.

I find I very much want to be rid of the things that keep the light that is in me from shining out to a hurting world. It’s time to ask Him to show me those things He has been longing to heal and set me free from. It’s time to give Him permission to blow the clouds away. I want others to look at my life and know that there is hope. Like Galadriel’s gift to Frodo, I have the potential to be a light to those in dark places. Lord, let your glory shine in me.

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