Thursday, March 13, 2014


Wow! Here it is March 13 and the snowdrifts in our backyard are positively mountainous. We have a shed out back that I have to say we haven't seen the inside of since November. Access Denied so to speak. We could have cleared a path through the drifts but that would have required a lot of maintenance this winter. We decided that staying connected to our shed wasn't worth the effort.

Staying connected with people takes effort as well. There are some seasons where the maintenance of those connections seems like more work than we can handle. That's the season I have been in lately. I haven't done a very good job of keeping up with my blog or other connecting pathways like Facebook or Twitter. I don't actually have a twitter account. I've never been one for chatting on the phone and writing letters is almost a lost art. It's not surprising that I feel out of touch.

People are important though, and in honour of the coming spring (I am certain it IS coming in spite of the lack of evidence we've seen) I have decided to come out of hibernation and put the effort into re-connecting. Time to start blogging again. I may even open a twitter account. I am sure someone can show me how to go about it. You'll be hearing more from me and that's a promise.

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