Monday, July 15, 2013

Still Hanging On

Jason and Amanda live at some distance from us with no family support near enough to make a difference so my husband and I decided that I would go to be with them as they walk out this journey. I made the journey at the beginning of June and have been attending their appointments with them since then.

June 20, 2013

Well, today we went for another ultrasound so it is time for an update. Colby is still fighting for life. We could see him waving his arms and practicing his breathing. Not long ago Amanda felt him do a complete flip which is unusual for him. We are at 30 weeks now but he only weighs 1 lb. 3 oz. That represents growth of about 4-5 oz. since his last ultrasound 5 weeks ago. It looks as though he will be less than 2 pounds when he is born which is not unexpected. Pray for growth so he can withstand the rigours of labour and delivery.

Amanda is doing well signs of pre-eclampsia. Emotionally, we are all feeling somewhat exhausted. It is difficult living on the knife edge of not knowing when Amanda will go into labour. God is good. On the days when we need a little encouragement, someone sends an email and we are blessed. When our faith waivers, He draws our attention to another of His miracles. Thanks for keeping us in your prayers.


Here is a portion of Jason's update written on the same day...

I am encouraged to know that Colby is still fighting, but the details of this impending medical doom have been weighing on me this morning as I grasp to understand the situation from a medical perspective.  Despite this, clarity comes from seeing this from the right perspective and God gives hope for the miraculous when it is needed. 

In my ponderings and random internet searches, I ended up stumbling across a blog about a little girl who supposedly has full Triploidy and yet has miraculously pushed beyond the odds.  The latest photo of her with her family was from Disneyland in November last year.  At that point, she was 10 years old.  There seems to be some discussion regarding whether or not this is truly a full Triploidy case or possibly a misdiagnosed Mosaic since medical literature does not mention this case and diagnosis only provides a probability analysis because not all cells can be checked.

Either way, it makes no difference.  When I turned to my Faith and needed validation of my decision to do so, this girl's story is what fell into my lap.  That is confirmation enough for me and whether or not it is the same as our situation, there is nothing that says that I cannot have faith for a miracle like this!  It is time to finish this journey strong and to push through.  Even though we are exhausted, I feel a sense of anticipation and an expectation that something is about to happen.  Colby's destiny will soon be made known and we will see his impact push out well beyond where his little arms can reach. 

As always, thank you so much for your support and prayers.  We, as a family, are truly blessed to have such amazing people around us. 


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