Monday, July 15, 2013

The Verdict is In

They had to wait a little longer to get the full results from the amniocentesis. The question of whether Colby had Mosaic Triploidy or Full Triploidy was still up in the air.

May, 17, 2013

We have just received the remainder of the diagnosis information that we were waiting for.  We now have about as complete a picture as we can get as well as an understanding of what we can expect in the coming days from a medical point of view.  This, of course, does not reflect what we can expect from a "God" point of view. 

The details are as follows.  Of all the cells that the genetics lab has tested based on the amniocentesis, all showed the presence of Triploidy.  While this does not necessarily mean that we can rule out Mosaic Triploidy, it does mean that approximately 62% of Colby's body is affected for sure and the remainder cannot be confirmed, but is likely to be the same. 

At this point, Amanda is receiving regular checkups to monitor her health.  High blood pressure is commonly associated with Triploidy and will be monitored closely.  Colby is falling farther behind in his growth relative to where he should be.  Right now, he is approximately five weeks behind, but this varies throughout the body.  We have also received the results from the fetal echocardiograph  which revealed a sizable hole in Colby's heart.  While we have been assured that this does not cause him any pain or complications right now, it is something that will require surgery if he survives.   This is normally performed around three to four months of age. 

As it stands, the Doctors expect that Colby will follow the statistics.  They don't anticipate his survival. It is really a matter of how far he will go before his body gives out.  Every day that he earns right now is against all odds.  He has been a fighter, but quite literally, it is all up to God now as to whether or not he confounds medical science. 

In the meantime, we wait, pray, and make preparations for what the doctors expect to see, but with hope that they won't be needed. 

Thank you everyone for believing with us.  Colby has a destiny and a purpose that is still to be accomplished.  I firmly believe he would not be with us still if the case were otherwise.  As a father, I would give anything to take this burden off of his shoulders, but I cannot.  It makes me wonder at how hard it must have been for God, as a Father, to watch Jesus suffer and die for us.  It was no small sacrifice on His part to give up His son so that we might have life.  The impact of this is strikingly profound when you consider that God suffered the sorrow and grief of losing a son so that I would not have to lose mine.  Regardless of what happens, my son is not lost.  He will either be with me here or with Jesus until I come to meet him.  In that, I rest my hope and owe my eternal gratitude.   

Until such time as God's glory reveals itself, I will keep cheering Colby on!  To quote the prayer of my daughter, Evaine, "Go, Baby, go!  Am-em."


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