Thursday, July 25, 2013

Hope Springs

We dwell in a kind of expectant hush...almost holding our breaths whenever we think of what is coming. I feel my pulse quicken each morning as I ask myself if this will be the day.

Baby Colby has now reached 35 weeks gestation and we are beginning to hope that he will make it to full term. It's a tentative hope but there are definite stirrings of optimism. Amanda's blood pressure remains normal and there have been no signs of imminent labour. We struggle to maintain normal routines in the midst of this waiting. It is hard with so many question marks still to be faced.

There is another ultrasound booked for the first of August if we make it that far. That will give us a picture of his position and size so that the doctors and the neonatal team will have an idea of what to expect at his birth. Of course we are hoping that the ultrasound will show that he has grown more than expected. Every extra ounce will make a difference to his chances of survival.

This grandson of mine holds such a special place in my heart. The longing to see him and hold him and whisper love into his tiny ears catches me unawares at odd times of the day. It squeezes my heart till my eyes bleed tears.

Soon now, baby boy....soon.

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